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Pilot Training – Results

The pilots we certify on floats and train as career bush pilots continue to travel and work as seaplane pilots all over the world. Our pilot training program has successfully trained hundreds of pilots. Enjoy our “wall of fame” and feel free to reach out if you would like to talk to a pilot about what their career has been like. Did you certify with Fort Langley Air? Send us a pic and an update and we’ll add you to the Wall of Fame!

luke howard, pilot

Luke Howard

Captain, Nordic Seaplanes, Denmark I did the 50 hour bush pilot course with Fort Langley Air and it got me my first flying job! A seaplane instructor with… Fort Langley Air! After a few seasons I was flying the Beaver on Vancouver Island. Then back in Vancouver and soon flying the Twin Otter for West Coast Air. The Twin Otter took me around the world flying floats on the Indian Ocean, The Adriatic Sea, The Red Sea and now the Baltic Sea in Denmark.  The Fort Langley Air pilot training program was just the beginning.

jesse rooks, pilot

JessE Rooks

Pilot, Wings Over Kississing

Jesse got his Float Rating with us in 2016. He is currently flying the DHC-2 Beaver for Wings Over Kississing.

ben marion, pilot

BEN Marion

Ben Marion is flying the 1900D for Central Mountain Air. Last year Ben was flying a Twin Otter for Harbour Air, and he has worked in NW Ontario as a bush pilot flying a Supercub on floats at Showalter’s fly-in outposts. Favourite plane: DHC-2 Twin Otter

nate walton, pilot

NatE Walton

Nate did his float certification in Terraquest out of CYOO (Toronto/Oshawa.). He currently flies a STOL 206 in the highlands of Cape Breton.

david eastwood, pilot

david eastwood

David completed our 50-Hour Career Bush Pilot Training Course in 2017.  He is currently flying a C-172 & C-185 Amphib for Sea to Sky Air in Squamish.

david eastwood, pilot

Franny Leroy

Fanny Leroy certified with us in August 2017.  She is currently flying the King Air for
Alkan Air in Whitehorse. 


david eastwood, pilot

Dave Evans

Dave got his start working on the dock!  He got his license, did his float training and now flies the DHC-2 Beaver and DHC-3T Otter for Harbour Air. 


david eastwood, pilot

Luke Kirchgesner

Luke Kirchgesner is from Saskatoon, SK and he did his float plane rating in 2018. He is working for Rusty Myers Flight Services to fly the C-185 at Savant Lake, Ontario for the 2019 summer season.
Favourite plane : DHC 2 – Beaver


david eastwood, pilot

Nick Wilberg

Nick Wilberg completed his 50 hour Career Bush Pilot Course at the Fort in early May, 2019 and is now on the job at Georgian Bay Airways!


david eastwood, pilot

Marek Lattenburg

Marek completed his seaplane rating in spring of 2019. He is in northern Ontario flying a C180, about to move on to the DHC-2 Beaver.



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