Float Plane Training

Come train and certify with the best!

For over 30 years, locally-owned Fort Langley Air has been helping careers and dreams take off from the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. Floatplane training is one of our specialties.

Get your Canadian seaplane rating flying the rugged British Columbia coast with Fort Langley Air and be ready for any environment. Our graduates are employed as commercial pilots all over the world. 

Since the 1960s over 2000 pilots have completed their floatplane training on the Fraser River at Fort Langley (CAS4.) Our year-round, local training grounds provide some of the most challenging seaplane and amphibious conditions in the world: mountains, lakes, oceans and rivers, currents, coastal harbours, canyons, and winds. The Fort Langley training team is made up of experienced, working bush pilots and coastal experts. You will train on one of our Cessna 180s. We are honoured and proud to be contributing to the aviation community by continuing to assist you, as pilots, with your goal of becoming floatplane-certified! 


  Rates (CAD)
Dual Cessna 180 $439 (+GST)
Solo Cessna 180 $379 (+GST)


OWN YOUR OWN PLANE BUT NEED MORE HOURS?  Pilots, we can help you achieve the hours you need to insure or fly your plane solo. Hire our pilots to fly with you in your plane for amphibian or seaplane certification. Hourly rate: $100/CAD.

Come train and certify with the best

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50 Hour Career Bush Pilot Course

Are you ready to become a bush pilot? This is the premier course in North America, and the only place where you can start your floatplane training in a Cessna C180 and finish in a DHC-2 Beaver.* Start by calling us for a Career Consultation.+1 604-513-9886

Requirement Rates ($CAD)
30 Hours Dual (C180) 13,170
15 Hours Solo (C180) 5,685
Ground School 149
TC Rating Fee 30
Total (+GST) $23,529
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7 Hour Seaplane Rating (Float Plane)

Pilots, earn your rating in a Cessna C180 all year ’round. Save with our Winter Rates.




Requirement Rates ($CAD)
6.5 Hours Dual  C-180  2,853
.5 Hours Solo C-180     189 
Ground School     149
TC Rating Fee       30
Total (+GST) $3,221


15 Hour Seaplane Course (Float Plane)

Come and learn the thrill of floatplane flying! Finish your rating then add 8 hours. All year ’round. Save with our Winter Rates.

Requirement Rates (CAD)
10 Hours Dual     4,390
5 Hours Solo     1,895
Ground School       149
TC Rating Fee         30
Total (+GST)  $6,464

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U-Fly The Fort – Premier Pilot Clients

Get behind the controls of our seaplanes – on your own! Are you a very experienced Canadian or international pilot who would like to sit in the left seat of a Canadian float plane? Contact  us to discuss our vetting and training process and how you can Fly the Fort.

Prefer to just tour? Design a sightseeing or training day with us in a dual yoke Cessna 180. We will pick you up at YVR’s South Terminal on floats. Families and friends welcome! See our Pilot Tour.

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Your Seaplane – Our Trainer

Time. Confidence. Insurability. If you are a seasoned float pilot and want skill-building, we’re here to help. This is for certified float pilots who:

  • Bought a new seaplane or upgraded
  • Are switching from floats to amphibious
  • Need hours to meet insurance requirements
  • Want to build or refresh skills on dual before they fly solo
  • Need annual refresher training before that big trip!
  • Want to build hours to retain certification

Our full-time floatplane pilots are skilled float trainers who can help you meet your goals.

Plane Hourly Rates (CAD)
C-172 through C-185 100

Rates do not include GST

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Fly the Fort


We are the pilot’s choice for best floatplane training school in North America. Complete your seaplane rating, build float plane hours, take your career bush pilot course or enjoy dual yoke flight-seeing


You need a seaplane!  Save time at work or play with a floatplane trip to your remote destination on the BC Coast. For more than 20 years we have been transporting singles, groups, crews and freight. To charter a plane, call us for a competitive custom quote.


See the wild BC Coast from the eagle’s view. Come and explore favourite spots old and new from a different perspective: Vancouver, Sea to Sky, Lower Mainland, Garibaldi, Harrison Lake, Golden Ears and more. Contact us to book your floatplane tour.