50 Hour Bush Pilot Course

bush pilot course

Bush Pilot Course: start your career in a Cessna C180 and finish in DHC-2 Beaver! Come in for a Career Consultation with our team. Please register your interest using the form below. We will respond as soon as we are back on the ground! 


Requirement                           Rates ($CAD)
30 Hours Dual (C180)  13,170
15 Hours Solo (C180)    5,685
5 Hours Dual (DHC-2 Beaver)    4,495
Ground School        149
TC Rating Fee          30
Total             $23,529 (+GST)
Our bush pilot course is one of our most popular training programs.  Flying floatplanes is a passion for all of us at Fort Langley Air and we love sharing that passion with future pilots through our training programs.  We have trained more than 500 pilots to fly seaplanes – and many of them have gone on to flying careers around the world.

Bush pilots need to be comfortable operating on their own – sometimes in remote locations around the world.  In addition to being resourceful, and a good decision-maker, you need to have exceptional flying skills to handle the challenges that you may face.  Our bush pilot training program helps to prepare you and trains you on the flying skills you need.