We love to answer your questions about Fort Langley Air and our floatplane training, tours and charters.  Here are the answers to questions that we get asked a lot by passengers and pilots. Be sure to reach out and Contact Us if you have more!

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seaplane tours

Passengers – FAQ

When Can I Fly?

We fly our floatplanes from dawn to dusk, 365 days per year, weather depending. Even during the coldest months of winter, our local waters are ice free and we have plenty of great flying days.

What about the weather?

The weather is unpredictable around here, so we confirm the floatplane flight the day before and 2 hours before the flight. 


Reservations are strongly recommended, however are not always needed – we are often available on very short notice!  Call us to find out how we can fit into your schedule.

What should I wear?

Wear what’s appropriate for the time of year. Bring an extra layer, just in case. The temperature drops as we climb. And though we usually fly lower than wheeled aircraft, we do sometimes fly into the mountain zones where it is cooler.

Weight Restrictions?

It depends on the aircraft, destination and floatplane charter. In general, if you or it, can fit in the average car seat, you’ll be okay. For most charters, we limit passengers to 50 lbs of baggage. 

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pilot flight training

Pilots – FAQ

What kind of license(s) do I have to have to get a float rating? 

You have to have at least a Private Pilot’s License (PPL). Here are the rules on staying current.

Can I just do some seaplane training without doing a full rating?

Yes. Our seaplanes are dual-yoke equipped. Pilots, check our our training page, our tours page which includes flightseeing for pilots, or call us to discuss. 

Can I rent a float plane?

You can, but only if you’re a current student in our 50-Hour Bush Pilot Program or can fulfill specific requirements. We recommend our partners at PIC Aircraft Rentals. Please call us to discuss. 

Can I get a float rating with Fort Langley Air, if I don’t have a Canadian license?

Transport Canada regulations state you can only get a Canadian seaplane rating on a Canadian license. Start with  our Foreign Pilot FAQ to get ideas about training in Canada, and check out our blog on Obtaining an FLVC. 

What will I need to come and fly?

If you plan to do dual training, only your licence and medical. Please bring along your logbook. If you want to fly solo, you’ll need to have a float rating, your licence and a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate (FLVC), which you get from Transport Canada.

What is Ground School like at FLA? 

Our chief pilot, John Crawford runs our ground school. Here is his blog about what to expect. 

Contact the Transport Canada office for the Pacific Region:

3600 Lysander Lane
Richmond, BC V7B 1C3

+1 (604) 666-5571



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