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For over 30 years, locally owned Fort Langley Air has been helping careers and dreams take off from the Fraser River.

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Floatplane careers take off here! Learn more about the floatplane training and courses available at Fort Langley Air. Fly the Fort like 1500 pilots before you.

I completed my basic 7 hour float rating here in the spring of 2019. These guys have great airplanes, great instructors and a great program overall. I’m now flying a beaver for a living in Manitoba and the real world training that these guys provide has been relevant and useful for me. I cannot recommend anyone else for float training. I am from Alberta so I was staying in a hotel as I did the float rating, and Fort Langley did everything in their power to get my rating completed as soon as possible so I wasn’t spending any more than necessary on accommodations. 11/10! 

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For fifty years pilots have been taking off on floats from the mighty Fraser River to explore the British Columbia Coast.

Read about our History with floatplanes on the Fraser River

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charter: adventure starts here

You have planned the perfect gateway, proposal, weekend with friends or hiking adventure. Or you need to move a crew. Now all you need is a seaplane to get there. We have been in the charter business for over 20 years and provide competitive local rates. Access a seasoned coastal pilot, and our well-maintained planes to suit your needs. Charter our Cessna 180 or one of two, DHC-2 Beavers. Learn more.

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Start your adventure or your career in one of Canada’s most iconic seaplanes, the DHC-2 Beaver.

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For fifty years pilots have been taking off on floats from the mighty Fraser River to explore the British Columbia Coast.

Floatplane Training – we have trained over 500 pilots since 1999. Meet the crew at Fort Langley Air.

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Our standard: Above and beyond.

Every day we go through standard tested checklists and procedures to maintain best-practice maintenance and safety for our floatplane training and flying. Canada is a world leader in transportation standards and Fort Langley Air is Transport Canada certified and compliant.

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Exclusive Offer – Fly to the future with us

$1000 off of our 50 hour Bush Pilot course

We are celebrating new ownership with a special for career bush pilots. We’ll invest $1000 in your 50 hour Bush Pilot course. The only place in Western Canada where you can train on the single-engined, high-wing, propeller-driven short takeoff and landing aircraft developed and built by de Havilland Canada  – the DHC-2 Beaver.

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We are the pilot’s choice for best float training school in North America. Complete your seaplane rating, build floatplane hours, take your career bush pilot course or enjoy dual yoke flight-seeing.


You need a seaplane!  Save time at work or play with a floatplane trip to your remote destination on the BC Coast. For more than 20 years we have been transporting singles, groups, crews and freight. Call us for a competitive custom quote.


See the wild BC Coast from the eagle’s view. Come and explore favourite spots old and new from a different perspective: Vancouver, Sea to Sky, Lower Mainland, Garibaldi, Harrison Lake, Golden Ears and more. Contact us to book your tour.