Meet Our Crew

scott mcintosh


Local entrepreneur Scott McIntosh purchased Fort Langley Air in May, 2018. He is a thirty year veteran in the transportation industry.  Scott developed a love of small planes early on – his dad and grandfather were Canadian bush pilots – and he worked summers in the Arctic as a hanger hand, swamping freight, fuelling airplanes and visiting remote outposts. He is investing his expertise in Fort Langley Air for the long haul.

Favourite plane: DHC-2 Beaver

john ferguson

Operations Manager, Pilot, Founder

Pilot John Ferguson developed a love of planes early, building models and training in Air Cadets then flying floats starting in the late 1960’s. John, a career Air Canada Captain, purchased and revived Fort Langley Air in 1999.  John has flown thousands of hours on floats on the BC Coast and still keeps coming back for more!

Favourite plane: The Lucky 1011

john crawford

Chief Pilot

In the last 10 years, John has flown commercially in Northern Ontario, Central Manitoba, Northern Alberta and the BC coast, on both wheels and floats. He joined FLA in 2015 and has been the Ops Manager, Chief Pilot and PRM.  John teaches FLA’s Ground School and he loves to train pilots, and see concepts click and flying improve. John is a professional saxophonist and loves writing for entertainment and food rags.

Favourite plane: DHC-2 or Grumman Goose

Spencer Neufeld


Spencer started his pilot career at Fort Langley Air. He has flown just about every floatplane that has crossed his path: Cessna 152, 172,  180, 182, 185 Citabria, Piper Supercub, Cherokee, Warrior and Seneca. Spencer grew up between Williams Lake and West Vancouver and has traveled all over BC. When he’s not in the air, he still gravitates to water, pushing off the dock to fish, hunt, boat, sail and hike. 

Favourite plane: DHC-5 Buffalo

Brad Nelson


Brad lives in Fort Langley and has seen thousands of pilots take off from the Fraser River since the 1960’s. He has racked up over 10,000 hours flying floats in Coastal BC and was a career pilot with Air Canada Jazz. He is excited about seeing the Fort Langley Air DHC-2 Beavers ply their trade on the river. When he is not behind the controls, Brad’s passion is raising  professional show jumping horses.

Favourite plane: CRJ900

Andy Blacker


Andy retired from the British military after 22 years service on the Counter Terrorist Bomb Disposal team. He is a certified flying Instructor and survival- trained in jungle, arctic, temperate and desert environments. He is qualified in white water safety & rescue and underwater egress. Andy has flown the Cessna 150, 152, 172, and 180. We just feel safer when he’s around. 

Favourite plane: Supermarine Spitfire

Vlad Crown

Fort Langley Air welcomed pilot Vlad Crown to the team in April, 2019. Vlad has been a pilot for 7 years and is also a part-time marine electrician. He has flown the C180, C206, DHC-2, PA34 , DA-42, 8KCAB, and holds Seaplane, Multi-Engine, Current Group-1 IFR, and Multi-Crew endorsements. He is working closely with Chief Pilot John Crawford and FLA founder & pilot John Ferguson. Vlad also has a lot of experience in tourism  – most recently as the owner-operator of a shuttle bus company in Whistler, BC.  Vlad is also a bit of a renaissance man and loves to draw, sail, mountaineer and restore classic Japanese cars.
Favourite plane: The Grumman HU-16 Albatross. 

john stiver

Digital Content & Social Media

John is #crafting the perfect post for Fort Langley Air on the daily. He provides digital content expertise for BC clients who are passionate about their industries and want to make a positive difference. He is also a professional guitarist and guitar teacher. When he’s not online, he’s probably on a gig, playing hockey, or working on his fence to keep the damn deer out.
Favourite plane: One with @fortlangleyair on the strut. #flythefort

kristin jarvis,

Communications & Marketing

Kristin is somewhere telling the story of Fort Langley Air – probably right now. She has crafted strategy, communication, business process and training plans for private, public and non-profit organizations during her 20 year career in business consulting. Kristin grew up around float planes, has lived in many towns in Coastal BC, and loves to take in the view of her home on the Salish Sea from the window of the DHC-2 Beaver or the deck of a sailboat.
Favourite plane: DHC-6 Twin Otter
Insta: @acousticpavement  | Twitter: @thekristinjarv

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