Stewart and Claire are a married couple from Australia with an exciting hobby in common: both are pilots, and they enjoyed doing their float plane ratings at Fort Langley Air. They have a sense of adventure and have found the ultimate way to spend quality time together!

Says Stewart, “We are not career pilots. I am just the addict, and Claire chose to come along for the ride rather than just wave me goodbye every weekend.” In fact, Claire is an exceptionally well trained VFR pilot, [and] twins, tail wheel, aerobatics, floats, formation aerobatics, normal formation, she can even fly IFR. Stewart tells us, “In fact, if you put a map up in front of her windscreen, she is perfectly comfortable.” And now they both have a float plane rating.

“I found Fort Langley Air on the internet, whilst I was trying to tie a meeting in the States together with some challenging and new flying. It turned out to be an absolutely magical experience. We then came back and Claire did her float training and I flew a bit more. Always a lot of fun.”

“We had such a good time in Fort Langley. For what it’s worth, your training facility I thought was wonderful. As good as anywhere in the world. The temptation to come back and become endorsed on the Beaver is going to be irresistible.”

Are you a hobby pilot with your PPL? Whether visiting Vancouver, or living in the Lower Mainland, come and #flythefort and see what you can do on floats! Better yet, bring a friend and enjoy some quality time together. Call us to get started: +1 (604) 513-9886Call us to get started: +1 (604) 513-9886